Six nights in Curacao

I stumbled upon Curacao in the most millennial way. I was in need of an island getaway with my best friend. We originally wanted to go the Dominican Republic, but it turned out to be over budget for the both of us. I zoomed into the Snapchat Maps feature and browsed random islands–BOOM! My finger placed over Curacao, where there was a fun island party being highlighted at the time. We searched all-inclusive packages to see if it was a possible, and it was a steal. We found a $600 flight + resort hotel stay on Expedia for each of us. Curacao turned out to be a perfectly unique island getaway, full of adventure, clear blue beaches, and European culture. 

We traveled on a six hour flight from New York (with a connection in Miami) over Memorial Day weekend,  and stayed at the Floris Suite Hotel. It was a comfortable stay, the restaurant food was delicious and the pool and spa were perfect. The hotel is close to two beaches, Moomba Beach Club and Pirates Cove. Moomba Beach was less crowded and clear, compared to Pirates Cove, that had lots of restaurants surrounding the area and busy waters, but lots of water activities available on-site. Our first day was spent relaxing on these two beaches, and ending it poolside at our resort. 

Moomba Beach

We went into town to visit Curacao’s famous murals and the Queen Emma Bridge. Curacao is a Dutch island, so you’ll find lots of European influence in the island’s architecture. Roam around to find Curacao’s many murals and quench your thirst at the popular La Boheme Smoothie Bar!

Queen Emma Bridge
Located in the Scharloo District
I had the most delicious smoothie here!


Renting a car is very essential to get around the island and see Curacao’s most popular beaches. Having a car allows the adventure to begin! My best friend and I headed to Fort Beekenburg. It was built in the 1700s to defend Spanish waters at the time. 


Journey to the top of St. Martha’s lookout to get a instagram worthy view of the Island. Be prepared for a windy drive to get to this destination.


Cas Abao was the clearest and most beautiful beach  I have ever been too. It was about a forty minute drive from our hotel. You have to drive through what seems like an unbeaten path until you finally reach this beach. The water was cool and calm, and I was able to see tiny little fish swimming along with me. You can find wild pigs and go snorkeling at Curacao’s Playa Porto Mari beach (not pictured).

Cas Abao
Cas Abao

Curacao is also known for its Aloe production. We visited the Curacao Aloe Plantation free of charge and toured the production fields.


Before leaving, we enjoyed a Sunday Brunch at Number Ten Curacao, where you can enjoy a modern and cute vibe with continental food options. 


Drop a comment below for more travel tips and questions. Visit to plan your trip and learn more now!

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