Escape to Montreal

Silly me to have realized that I’ve been to Montreal twice now, and besides my photography journey through the Jean-Talon Market, I haven’t written a proper travel post on the city.

The city is a magical escape from NYC, that will make you feel like you’re in a European city in less than a two hour plane ride from LGA/JFK.

My first trip was in 2018, and I stayed at the M Montreal hostel, I remember it being such a fun experience.

I visited the Montreal Biosphere at Jean-Drapeau. It was a museum that showcased awareness towards climate change and the environment. There was a nice agricultural view of the city from the top.


I made time to wander through the main city and see Montreal’s famous and mind-blowing, Norte Dame Basilica. Religious mosaics were tiled along the walls and window. The cathedral was so peaceful and spiritual.


Juliette & Chocolat was a sweet break to have delicious crepes and treats. I went to the location on St. Denis.


Schwartz’s deli is infamous for their smoked meats and sandwiches. Located in the Jewish quarter of Montreal, this delicatessen has been visited by many celebrities, whose pictures have been displayed on the wall!


Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal is a gorgeous Roman Catholic basilica and Canada’s largest church. The view from the top of basilica is picturesque.

Take a day to view the harbor and ferris wheel. You can go zip lining across the river and and get a perfect view of Old Montreal.

In the summer months, Montreal hosts an annual food truck festival, where you can find the worlds best poutine.

Spend a rainy day visiting Montreal’s best museums. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is currently showing an exhibit of Mugler’s work.

For a fun drinks and dining experience, make a reservation at Terrasses Bonsecours. You can grab a cool view of Montreal’s ferris wheel and join in on rooftop party fun at night.

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