Patriotic in Washington D.C.

When: October 10-12

Where I Stayed: Stay Alfred, D.C.; Two Nights for $313.00.

The Stay Alfred Hotel was an apartment building mixed in with hotel suites. I basically got a one bedroom right in town for the weekend and a price of $313.00.

Top Sights: Washington Memorial, National Mall, The Museum of Natural History, U.S. Capitol, The White House.

I drove four hours from NYC, to Washington D.C. during Veterans Day weekend. A weekend commemorating our soldiers and fallen heroes was bound to be a little emotional, as on Veterans Day I walked the National Mall and witnessed many tributes and speeches from our congressmen, women, and legislators along the way.

I stepped into the Lincoln Memorial, a must-see spot in our nation’s capital, where I read the lines to Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address to the left of his iconic statue. The National Mall’s Reflecting Pool is a must-see at Sunset.

Around the mall, toward the Washington Mall, you should make stops at the many war memorial spread out across the area, from the World War Two Memorial to the Korean  War Veterans Memorial–take your time reading each of the names and tributes.

Once you get to the Washington Monument, have a picnic on the grass in front, from one of many diverse food trucks aligning the parallel street.

If you’re a museum lover, most of D.C.’s big museum’s are less than a ten minute walk from the Lincoln Memorial. Add 15 more minutes and straight ahead you can walk straight to Capitol Hill.


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