Toronto Bound

In September I made it out to Toronto for a girls weekend. Our mission was to find Drake–not really–but it definitely was a running joke, and I’m a little disappointed it didn’t happen. Here’s what did happen though:

How I Got There: My September budget was a stretch! I traveled 12 hours from NYC to Toronto. 12 brutal bus hours, with many stops along the way to save around $200 in airfare. If you can manage it, a flight would be worth it. 

Our first stop was the famous the Canadian National (CN) Tower. It’s the signature on Toronto’s skyline. You can find the Canada Tourism sign in front of the tower, as well as the CN towers letters. 147 flights above ground, my friends and I hopped on the elevator, and basked in the views. 


There’s a lot of shopping to do in Toronto. Dundas Square has been deemed the Times Square of Toronto, where there are plenty of shops in the city and experiences you can indulge in.


Almost two miles away, you can walk to see Toronto’s gothic old town hall. 


A little further down, you’ll see the modern upgrade. The Town New Hall is also where you can find the Toronto letters.


My friends and I stayed near Brockton Village. We’re Latin music fans so when it came to planning a night out in town, we hit Lula Lounge. The club provides a fantastic experience for live salsa music and dancing.


To end your weekend getaway, make sure to catch a baseball game at Toronto’s Blue Jays Stadium.


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