Waiting on a future

Refresh your email all you want. Nobody has written you back an email for any job application you’ve submitted. As a graduating senior from college, I know this feeling all too well.

The clock has finally hit zero on your adolescence and you are now an adult. You can go back to school, but now you need a job, a car, insurance and possibly a place to live. This is the toughest realization that I face as I am about to walk across that stage for graduation.

I have to start my life now and go out into that world. It sometimes scares people, but I think as young adults we should embrace it as a challenge. We have all faced a certain challenge at some point in our lives.

This life is only going to give back what you put into it. So, if we attack this next chapter of our life we can be successful. I don’t like the notion that it’s all about who you know because not everyone knows someone.

The way to meet those “people in high places” is by working hard. Whatever you choose or have a passion for do it to the best of your ability. Like anything in life practice makes perfect and even then you still need to practice.

By putting in the hard work in your desired career, you will reach that goal you have. For me it’s being a senior writer or editor-in-chief at a sports conglomerate like Sports Illustrated. I know that dream can’t even be touched without hard work.

Although, you may seem scared or worried about finding a job or that NO ONE has reached out to you about your application, which is perfectly normal. I am worried just like you, but I know that it is still very early and that there is still plenty of work to be done.

So, don’t just sit on your ass at home binge-watching ‘Shameless’ or ‘The Office’ and get to work. Ask yourself every day, could I be doing something more productive? The answer is almost always yes.

Keep yourself busy because this is going to be the longest summer of your life. You need to pick up a hobby, finally start that new diet or book that has been lying on your shelf.

Lately, the thing that I have been doing is trying to learn something new every day. By reading an article from ‘Popular Mechanics’ or listening to ‘Startalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson’. Just don’t let your mind go unused because time will be wasted.

There are too many books and articles to read in this life to not at least glance at. Hell, do a cross-word puzzle or Sudoku and at least you’ll be exercising your brain.

This is the most free time that you will have in your life and it should not be wasted laying in bed watching ‘Hulu’. It is important to do something every day whether it be for your career or for your brain or even your health.

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