Hostel living is the best living

 Staying in a hostel before your 30s is the best thing you can do for yourself. I’m not trying to be discriminatory towards age; I only advise you stay in a hostel before 30 because most people who stay in hostels are college students or young adults.

 If you feel comfortable talking about “Brad’s ex” or chugging beer doing a game of pong, then you might as well stay in a hostel. This also comes with loads of freebies. During a game of Bingo, winner gets a free jug or shot!

I recently stayed in a cool hostel in Montreal that has a bar downstairs and events for the guests at night–most hostel have the same.

Staying in a hostel is more usually affordable than a hotel or AirBnB because you’re bunking with roommates and sharing bathrooms. Most hostels are equipped with loads of facilities too like a computer and laundry room.

You’ll feel like you’re back in college. Who didn’t love college?

You will meet friends from around the world. I became friends with people from Germany, Holland, South Korea, Australia, England, and France!

Because you meet people from around the world, if you take the time to speak to them and have informative conversations you will learn so much about their countries, their different traditions, and lifestyles. This will make you an open minded person and more educated. You will learn what a classroom couldn’t teach you. These are people who will most likely be seeking same adventure as you. You’ll meet people with the same wanderlust mindset.

The casual 9-5 job isn’t  cutting it for them either. Money isn’t important, but rather experiences and memories matter more. These are people who will work for travel and crave to see things that others dream of–they’re making it happen.

Did you know that in South Korea they have a different age system. My new friend Sue told me her international age was 26, but she was 28 in Korea because in Korea from the moment you are born you are considered a year old. I did not know this!

 I also learned that Holland has a miniature town where everything is so tiny! It’s a tourist attraction.

The Isle of Man has their own and working water pump wheel which pumps water from their old mines. It is also the largest working water pump wheel in the world.

Contrary to popular belief I met two Australians who have never seen a snake crawling out of their toilet. (And let’s hope they never do.)

The Germans still found it hilarious that Angela Merkel refused to shake hands with Trump LOL.

In France—well the boys were gorgeous…They couldn’t speak a word of English and I had no idea what they were saying, but I just want to say to you “Je t’aime.”

Most hostels are well equipped with Wifi which you don’t have to pay for and they have communal kitchens, where food is likely to be left over because people cooked to much and will share with  you.

You don’t have to go sightseeing alone because your new friends will likely want to explore with you or they’ll give you details about which places to go to or avoid depending on if they visited a location before you.

So backpack around different countries and stay in as many hostels as you can.

And thank you to the M Montreal for introducing me to pretty incredible people and friends.

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