Seville stole my heart

Seville, Spain–As I wandered through the cobblestone streets and narrow walkways, I felt a sense of calm. I felt like I was transported to an old movie, and I was the protagonist.

It was a mind blowing atmosphere far from the streets of New York. It was charming and kept it’s culture, traditions, and old architecture as if it were still a modern day 1930s.
When I heard the horses clicking their feet on the cobblestone streets and the carriages being drawn by them, it felt like a fairy tale.

Then music played and a trio sang for a flamenco dancer on the corner of a street. Her movement was quick was smooth. She was using her hands graciously and using her body to paint her own canvas to the music playing. Her feet moved fast, but eloquently. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

As I kept walking, I passed by restaurants and glanced at the food which made my stomach rumble.

Delicious veal, calamari, ox tail…8 euro dishes…I still don’t know how it was real.

The fans and ceramic plates being sold were all hand painted and beautiful. They’re a staple of the handicrafts of Seville.

Each walkway was lined by delicately painted tiles with names of streets made into mosaic-like art that were a treat to see.

When I entered Plaza de Espana in Seville, I was transported back to my time in Venice, because of the waterways surrounding the whole plaza and the romantic boats rides available for tourists.

The plaza was again lined with themed tiled for every region Spain surrounding areas. Each was art and must have taken days to paint. They told the story of a culture and each regions traditions.

It would have been the perfect cubicle to grab a book and layout to study. The architecture was enough that it exuded a Spanish culture.

I made my way back to the guest house and picked up a delicious chocolate filled churro on the way. My cravings have been satisfied for a month.

I passed through the open parks as palm trees kept me shaded from the sun.

Tourists were drinking from the tiled fountains, so I stopped to fill my bottle too. The horse-carriage riders took their hats off to greet me as I passed by–being as chivalrous as they could be.

I finally heard the cathedral bells ring, a signal that it was close to dinner time, and I should get ready to fulfill my palette with the delicacies Seville had to offer.

I ate calamari, lamb, and I drank delicious wine.

I finally reached my guest house and even there the rooms were designed in an old fashioned way, but felt comfortable.

I couldn’t wait to fall asleep just so I would be closer to exploring Seville again the next day.

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