Eating in Philly for the Weekend

If you’re living in NYC and need to get away, Philly is a colonial town that reminded me a little bit of France, because of its architecture, and Boston because of it’s charming scenery. An hour’s train ride from Penn Station with another half-hour from Trenton to Philly, it’s worth all the food options and culture.

For the food:

The Reading Terminal Market is so overwhelming for a foodie but also heaven. There’s every type of food you can think of from almost every place in the world. And when in Philly, you need to obviously have a Philly Cheesesteak. Reading Terminal Market not only has a plethora of food stalls, but there are also cute ethnic shops like Dé Village, which has African art and jewelry.

Beck’s Cajun Cafe is the spot for some traditional Jambalaya Gumbo and BBQ Shrimp.

Tommy Dinic’s is for all you pork and beef lovers.

Carmen’s Famous Cheesesteaks and Hoagies had a huge line, and from the looks of it people were satisfied and the cheese steaks were hard not to devour.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth there’s The Famous 4th Street Cookies, among other bakeries like Metropolitan Bakery.

Nanee’s Kitchen offers gulten free, vegan, and halal Indian food.

Four Season Juice Bar is available to cleanse your pallet and aide your digestion with fresh fruit smoothies.


If you’re looking for the famous spots for Philly’s infamous cheese steaks, leave down town and travel down to the little Italy area of Philly to visit Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s Kings of Steaks.

Geno’s almost always has an incredibly long line, which means the cheese steaks must be to die for.

Since it was cold and I was a tad lazy, I settled for Pat’s King of Steaks which was across the streets, and I was pleased to see all the celebrities who had visited the food joint pictured along a wall, including our new president-elect Donald Trump. Pat’s has over 12 choices of cheese steaks, everything from Pepper Steak to Pizza Steak.

I tried the Mushroom Steak and regular Cheese Steak, both did not disappoint. I wanted to just go home and sleep out my food coma afterwards.

Escape downtown and go toward Ardmore. Beer and taco lovers will enjoy Tired Hands Fermentaria. 

The restaurant is a really cool and has wacky artwork, a laid-back setting, and giant kegs with endless Fermentaria brand beers and drinks to pour your own tap,  that’s perfect for a Sunday fun day.

The Tacos too were really great and they have excellent wings for Sunday night football.



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