30 Things That Will Make You Feel At Peace

Stressed? Sad? Unhappy? This is for you.

  1. Hot tea
  2. Looking at the stars
  3. Giving back or volunteering at an organization in need.
  4. Taking long, hot showers
  5. Watching Military Homecoming videos (tissues needed)
  6. Watching puppy videos
  7. Writing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
  8. Traveling to a new place alone.
  9. Brunch
  10. Watching YouTube music cover videos
  11. Long drives
  12. Cuddling
  13. Going to a Friday Night Lights High School football game
  14. Working out
  15. Sitting in a sauna
  16. Reading
  17. Fuzzy socks and wearing a onesie
  18. Listening to classical music
  19. Finishing an essay or project (ain’t that the truth)
  20. Wearing an oversized sweater
  21. Being inside on rainy days
  22. Sleeping in sheets and quilts fresh out of the dryer
  23. Meditating (you can download the apps like Breathe for this)
  24. Making a vision board or collage from old magazines
  25. A good spa massage
  26. Swimming naked, alone in a pool at night (not a public pool–it needed to be clarified)
  27. Walking along the beach
  28. S’mores and bonfires (on the beach preferred)
  29. Writing a handwritten letter to someone from your past
  30. Watching the sunset

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