30 Things My Future Husband Should Know

1. Cooking will be a two-way street. We’ll take turns and even have cook-offs. I’ll get competitive.

2. If you leave your clothes on the floor, I’ll be annoyed.

3. I will clean the house profusely, even if it’s already clean. It’s a sign that I’m anxious about something.

4. We will have many dogs.

5. Our date nights will happen and be scheduled weekly.

6. I will be spending a lot of our money on Dunkin iced coffee, and for that I’m sorry.

7. I will need an adventure every once in a while. Whether it’s a spontaneous date night or traveling somewhere, I’ll crave exploring with you.

8. If we fight, we talk it out and fix the problem there and then. We’ll never leave an argument for the next day.

9. I’m sorry in advance for being a Target mom.

10. Monday nights are for The Bachelor and we will watch it together. Sundays are for football and I’ll make the wings!

11. We will help each other achieve our goals.

12. I’ll probably unintentionally kick you off the bed during the night in my sleep.

13. I will always be patient and supportive.

14. We will pray together.

15. I will prank you. A lot.

16. I’ll understand and hold you if you lose at fantasy football—but I will also say “I told you so.”

17. My standards will be high only when it comes to the house and the car.

18. The little family that I do have is far away, so your family will be my world.

19. We will have a big family.

20. If you ask me if I’m hungry or If I want food—do not listen to me if I say ‘no.’

21. We will constantly go to the gym and work out together.

22. You must leave the house decorating to me.

23. You will need to be spontaneous and surprise me every once in a while, as I surprise you.

24. We will tell each other EVERYTHING.

25. I will laugh at my own jokes because I’m hilarious.

26. You are allowed to make fun of me, because I will make fun of you. We will be weirdos together.

27. We will go partying or clubbing together. Practice beer pong, because you’ll be my partner for life.

28. Much of us and our relationship will be social-media free and private.

29. I will be your biggest supporter and pressure you into things because I believe you can achieve it.

30. You are my best friend.

2 thoughts on “30 Things My Future Husband Should Know

  1. Some seem like non negotiable rules which is probably not a good way to start but it is paramount to be honest and yes set some boundaries. As long as you both do #14 things will probably work out very well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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