NYFW with Marcel Ostertag

This is the second time I was blessed enough to attend NYFW. Like I imagined, it was a dream. Marcel Ostertag’s collection was the perfect little getaway to fuel my fashion week cravings.

Everything was chic. Marcel Ostertag was able to stun with his new S/S 2017 collection from clothing and runway presentation. Here’s my experience, and take on the event.

What I wore

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.03.35 PM.png


It’s not every day you get an empty subway car to yourself. It presented itself with a photo-op. On a budget sensitive to paying back student loans, my outfit needed to compromise. I sincerely hope high-end fashion bloggers aren’t cringing, reading the labels below. One day I hope to be successful enough to afford chic clothing, like Marcel’s, but for now, I’m doing my best to put together looks at a low cost.

The Heels: H&M $29.99

The Skirt: L’Atiste by Amy  $29.99 from A’gaci

The Crop Top: Garage $7.99

The Deonisia Necklace: Aldo Accessories: $19.98 BUY HERE

The Show

This was my third time at a Fashion Week show.  The last time I went though was when the venue was still at Lincoln Center. I miss the old venue. The Skylight at the Moynihan station did the job, but there wasn’t much room for fun and mingling.

Marcel’s show setup was spacious. The German designer made sure there could be as many people in front row as possible, as it was shaped in a two-row maze.

Guests were presented with an envelope signed by Marcel, which had a quote of his, and a raw lookbook of his collection inside.




The Looks

Frills. Colors. Patterns. Texture. A few of Ostertag’s looks I couldn’t put up because of some revealing nudity under the lace tops and dresses. I recommend you dig deeper to find the lace tops that I wanted to steal straight off the models.

These looks were modern, contemporary, and bold. You know how almost all of fashion week’s shows contain clothes that are pure art but you couldn’t really wear in real life; that is, if you were a middle-class bread winner, but loved fashion, and needed to dress for a corporate, classy environment. Well, Marcel Ostertag’s collection provided almost every look that could be ready- to-wear, high fashion. The detailing in some places of his outfits like this bottom of the pink coat and the shaping of the sky- blue onesie is what made the collection special for me. It was so minimalistic, yet loud.

The lace details on many of his outfits were my favorite add-ins. It was matched and placed perfectly and transformed his looks. The colors on many of his outfits were bright and the frill detailing fell at the all the right places. The theme was managed perfectly all the way through. I was looking at a closet of a person with a type, someone who isn’t confused on what she wants and is a go-getter. She’s comfortable in her body, and presents herself in a way that’s intimidating, but approachable. She is someone who can do it all. She works, she can be a mother too, but she also runs her own business, and no one can tell her what to do.

Let me know what you think!


  ******My #1 Favorite Look*******


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