Spring was meant for weddings & formals

I easily had one of the busiest spring semesters ever. My favorite part? Formals and weddings. I counted down week after week until I got to dress up and make-up, which I ended up doing for most of the semester, and felt like a princess, too. I decided to share my top looks and dresses with you here:

ASOS WEDDING Ruched Panel Maxi Dress – Nude / US 2 128.00Product Code: 4258938–

Necklace: TopShop

I wore this pink nude maxi dress for a Gala I had to attend  at the Waldorf Astoria. Who could say no to the Waldorf, right? It’s easily one of my favorite looks ever. I picked the necklace out first from TopShop in London, actually! I remember traveling so much that I was trying to get inspirations for looks and then it was one of those moments where you see a piece of jewelry and automatically have a vision of a dress that would go perfectly with it. I was lucky enough to find that dress on ASOS. The price was a little hefty for my taste at the time, but I couldn’t resist.

TFNC WEDDING Sequin Midi Dress with Open Back- Lavender fog.  – Nude / US 2 82.00 Product Code: 4312991–

Another hit was this ASOS dress I wore to an awards ceremony for my college. There’s no such thing as being over-dressed.  The wedding collection at ASOS is a dream. It’s so affordable  that if you actually needed bomb dresses for a wedding or your bridesmaids party, they’re collection would be a Godsend.  At $82, this lavender dress was a steal. I never thought I could pull this color off, but here, it worked. I felt beautiful and comfortable at the same time. You’ll see me wearing those black heels throughout the next few dresses. I was on a budget and bought a heel I could wear from all my events, but that would also complement my outfits. The velvet short heels were also from H&M for $29.99!


Hello, sexy! I wore this dress to a rugby formal! If you didn’t know, I actually served as the President of the men’s rugby team at my school. I needed something that made me feel confident, but also classy. While I knew everyone’s dates would be wearing short dresses (which is custom for club formals at my school and I have no idea why), I wanted to stand out but I didn’t want it to look Waldorf intense classy either. I laid eyes on this baby in –THE CLEARANCE SECTION OF MACYS. You read that right! This dress was only $50.00!  I found for even cheaper for you, here: the bomb as dress on clearance (click link). It’s a floor length, glittery gown that was sure to turn heads–and we all know us ladies dress to impress other ladies and not men, so I was overly flattered when all the guy’s dates asked me where I got this dress from.

Don’t hate me. Again, CLEARANCE. Whoever was in charge of the clearance rack at Macy’s that week had me blessed. This was an embellished, lace gown. The only annoying thing about it was that the lace was becoming a little rough and was getting caught on the beading. But for $50, my bargain brain went crazy–I told Macy’s about the little bit of damage and they were able to lower the price even more!  The damage was hardly noticeable when I wore it to my Senior Formal during the night time. I didn’t want to  spend so much money on a dress I was only going to wear for one night anyway.

This $30.00 dress was for a bridal shower. Have you heard of A’Gaci? I am obsessed with their flare dresses. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. You can shop A’Gaci here:A’Gaci Store.

Last but not least; tis’ the season for drop-dead gorgeous and affordable bridesmaid’s dresses. A’gaci was able to make that happen! This floral pink and blue, short flare dress was only $24.99 when I saw it. The lucky bride was able to complete her bridal party look on a beautiful budget.  There are those heels again, too.

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