London Baby

Sorry readers! If you had been following my Instagram, you would’ve seen that I visited London in January. While I was there I jotted down my favorite places, restaurants, and hot spots. Since then I’ve been crazy busy. So busy that I graduated, traveled back to India (twice), Dubai, and just recently Puerto Rico (blog post to follow soon). I filled up my semester with awards shows, formals, and tried to take in my last semester of senior year.

So to round up my trip—I visited practically every public tourist destination London had to offer. I also repeated “London Babyyy!!!” about a thousand times a day, referencing Joey from Friends.

Top 5 reasons why you should travel to London:

  1. It’s super easy to get around in! If you can master the NYC subways, the Tube is a piece of cake!
  2. Every major public destination i.e. The London Eye, Knights Bridge, Buckingham Palace, etc… is just one big circle you can walk around in.
  3. The accents! We probably can’t explain our obsession of British accents, but nonetheless, we’ll be forever fascinated and swooned.
  4. The FOOD! You can get almost every major cuisine of the world and it’ll taste amazing. In my opinion, and I don’t know why, Indian food is way better in London.
  5. Night life. There’s an array of classy and upscale night clubs and bars you can enjoy with a night out on the town.

Breaking down my trip:


I’ve decided to share my journey via pictures! Enjoy!

This was taken on the way to Picadilly Circus, somewhere near Virgin records, right before Picadilly Circus. I couldn’t resist taking a picture because it felt like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.


This nice guy was right in front of the London Eye! He was posing for a picture, of course!


Adjacent to the Big Ben and Parliament, Westminster Abbey is a few steps away! The historic church is where the Royal Family has been married!1941573_10153618697721773_5402279280642056329_o12400934_10153618697731773_998851719621716751_n

Before the church, next to both the Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye stands. Be sure to book tickets days or even weeks in advance before going! It gets so busy and the line every day that I was there was crazy! 12417922_10153618697736773_5522344047457923261_n

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.57.33 PM

Hey Big Ben!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.57.45 PM


You can’t leave London without taking a trip on their double decker buses!12439058_10153618697901773_5632648628833322643_n

Trafalgar Square is a great and historic meet-up spot built around Charring Cross! It’s a very happening place! It’s filled with music, jewelry sellers, and artists. Ahead you’ll see the National Gallery. I fell in love all over again with Van Gogh’s and Botticelli’s work. 12471351_10153635799151773_3492894095937045572_o12496312_10153635799266773_8538977659399837214_o12471470_10153635798536773_1623653044554435381_o



Camden Town is my absolute favorite place in London. It’s SoHo on acid. It’s filled with really cool shops, wall and street art, and FOOD! There are so many stalls of delicious street food from all different types of international cuisine. 12485961_10153635800661773_7092466349374384791_o


Picadilly Circus is not actually a circus, but it does remind me of Times Square. 12486083_10153635798981773_1768424429471602691_o


This was taken a little further down from Picadilly Circus. 12491948_10153635798351773_1586153214443811604_o

Buckingham Palace. Sadly, I didn’t run in Prince Harry. But I think if I visit a few hundred times more, my odds will be in my favor. 12493637_10153618697881773_5430264985240514344_o

I mentioned the FOOD!! Right?  This is the bakery in Harrods.12508795_10153635799496773_1894024688451928930_n

Hello? It’s me! 12540527_10153618686466773_3665565196838230058_n

This was a block away from where I stayed. It was fitting. 12549133_10153635800176773_7295708119480599863_n

This is the inside of the National Gallery. You will get lost. You will fall in love with paintings, and you will not want to leave.12553022_10153635798836773_330824425805583571_n

Right outside the National Gallery. I told you Trafalgar Square is happening!12565457_10153635800531773_2309929491336535883_n

Feast your eyes on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.57.23 PM

I visited the Tate Modern! This was the coolest exhibition I had ever seen by Simryn Gill.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.57.58 PM


St. Paul’s Cathedral. IMG_3361.jpg

Top Five Bars and Clubs in London:

  1. Cargo
  2. Fabric
  3. White Lyan (More upscale)
  4. Koko
  5. Oriole Bar

As far as restaurants, shops, and random tourist indoor destinations like the Spy Museum and the London Dungeon, I am going to feature those on separate blog posts individually!

All pictures here were taken by me and at Copyrighted Aug 1, 2016.

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