Top 12 Island Getaways

If you’re engaged, planning a wedding, and trying to figure out which relaxing, romantic place to go to on your honeymoon, this list is for you. It’s also for whoever just wants to kick back, relax, and enjoy some fun in the sun, while basking in some culture too. Since childhood, I have been going to and visiting exotic places and crossing them off my bucket list. There are some places that I would go back to in a heartbeat and other places that friends and relatives of mine have shown me pictures of which have made my jaw drop. This list will provide you places for a the relaxing getaway that they’ve always dreamed of. It’s not so much for the adventurous couple but more for the couple who wants to stay indoors and enjoy an ocean view with a romantic layout.

12. Dominican Republic 


Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the best place for resorts. The Hard Rock and the Excellence Punta Cana are the regions top island resorts for tourists. In D.R. you’ll experience waterfalls, beautiful  beaches, and culture. The tropical island is home to the region’s tallest mountain peak,Pico Duarte and the Caribbean’s largest and lowest elevation, Lake Enriquillo.

11. Turks and Caicos


Located southwest of Bahamas and only a 3 hour plane ride from New York’s JFK airport, this resort island is mostly really easy to travel to if you’re living in the north and south east of the US. If you sign up with packages from Club Med, you’ll experience everything it has to offer from dining, culture, and activities. You’ll even make new friends along the way and have an unforgettable vacation while enjoying its clear blue waters.

10. St Lucia


St. Lucia is an island country east of the Caribbean Sea and northwest of Barbados. The island is admired for its tropical weather and its numerous beaches and resorts. Most tourists spend their time in Marigot Bay and the Castries, known for their scenery. Popular beach resorts to stay on are the Ladera, Jade Mountain, and Rendezvous Couples Resort.

9. Capri

Capri is a romantic island off the coast of Naples, Italy. Here you can be a little adventurous and dig up a little history. The lights at night, gondola rides, and beach resorts that it has to offer make it one of the top honeymoon spots. Capri is an Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The beaches in Capri are bays between cliffs where you can dive from rocks into its clear blue sea.

8. Fiji


Fiji is an island country in Melanesia, South Pacific Ocean. It’s northeast of New Zealand’s North Island. Its weather is tropical and it’s warm year round. Some popular resorts are in the Coral Coast, the Denarau Island, and Mamanuca Islands. Scuba diving is really popular there, too. The white sandy beaches make its islands picture perfect. If you’re on a budget, a lot of low cost resorts have opened here recently.

7. Goa, India

Goa is one of the top international romantic destinations. Located in West India, its tropical monsoon climate will make you want to relax in the sun during the day and have a romantic indoor dinner for two at night. Goa does have a lot of historical sights one can visit but its Palolem and Bogmalo Beach are every couple’s romantic getaway dream. It also almost always has a lot of tourist events going on. Its dances, culture, food, and music will be the biggest indulgences.


Tahiti is the largest island in the French republic. It’s famous for its black sand beaches and unique Tahitian culture. Ferries are available to sail to Moorea, where you can enjoy goods, food, and architectural sights. Its Windward and Society Islands make Tahiti another perfect honeymoon destination.

5. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is often overlooked as a romantic destination. But its resorts at Phuket will prove that it’s a beautiful destination for a newlywed couple. It is Thailand’s largest island. It has a tropical climate, plenty of culture, and exquisite cuisine. There are plenty of beautiful island resorts here that will make you feel like you’re living a dream.

4. Bahamas


The Bahamas are a common vacation spot. Perfect for newlyweds on a budget. It’s a set of islands north of Cuba and northwest of Turks and Caicos. The Bahamas islands have a lot of social events and are rich in culture, food, and popular for their unique community. A lot of cruise ships make stops here, but they also has a wide variety of hotels, beaches, and resorts to choose from.

3.Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one the oldest Hawaiian islands. A lot of transportation is available here and its island and resorts are of one of a kind. A few places of interest might be its Poipu Beach Park, Honopu Valley, and Moloaa Bay.

2. Antigua, Gautamala


It’s one of the most beautiful island destinations to visit in the Caribbean region. Turner Beach, Rocky Shoreline, and Dickenson Bay Beach are popular tourist stops. Island tours are very popular here, and it has some of the best beach resorts with excellent service and quality.

1. Maldives


Maldives is an island nation on the Indian coast. It’s a top tourist destination, filled with beach resorts, culture, and history as well. The Bandos Island Resort in its Kurumba Village is one the oldest and best resorts there. The Filitheyo island beach is also a good and popular honeymoon getaway.

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