Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

Waiting to fall in love is so worth it. Have you heard of the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find your prince”? It’s something to live by. However, don’t keep kissing frogs on purpose. So many girls are getting into relationships because their either lonely or being pressured into it. Either your clock is ticking or all your friends in either high school or college are in relationships and you’re starting to feel left out.

If you rush into something and force it, you are not going to be happy. By doing this it turns out to be a huge mistake in the long run. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve had my share of disastrous episodes, which have made me really cynical. However, I’m going to admit during the past year I’ve become less cynical about dating and more open to it. I realized I’m young and regardless of all the 20-somethings in college rushing into relationships and some even getting engaged, If I ever want to find a partner in crime (that’ll mainly cook for me and bring me soup when I’m sick—that’s all I really ask), I’ll have to be patient. No one should ever settle for less, but you should also know your worth and match it.

What I mean by this is, if you’re a girl who hasn’t even graduated high school, with no job, and just depending on your mom and dad for everything, your standards should be equivalent. I might not be as cynical but I’m still brutally honest.

For real though, I’m running into one too many guys and gals who expect to land with the prince-of-somewhere when they have a potty mouth, no class, and all their doing is smoking weed and doing nothing productive with their life.

I’m sorry if people are getting highly offended by reading this but if you are, it’s probably because you relate to the person I’m describing. And if you want to curse me out in the comment section below, go ahead. But in all reality, I just want you to do something productive and get somewhere in life, if you have high expectations. If you are a person who wants the best you have to be the best. That’s what I’ve learned in the past year.

If you’re a guy or a girl who happens to have no job and you’re not even in college but dating a person who is the complete opposite, I’m sorry but what are they doing. In order for any relationship to be healthy and survive in the long run, it needs to be 50/50. I’m pretty sure the one who is getting somewhere in life and who has an education will get tired of you sooner or later because you guys will run out of things to talk about or things you have in common. This goes for your friends too. Hang out with people who are on the same mission in life as you and who push you to do great things along with them.

Don’t settle for less. Focus on yourself before getting into any relationship. Find stability and get established as much as you can. Once you’re life is in check, everything else will fall into place. The Ralph Finnes character from the movies will eventually come around and whisk you away. There’s also a chance Seth Rogen from Pineapple Express might try his shot at you, but please do not settle for that, unless you plan on taking care of a child, too.

It’s important to settle for your equivalent so one of you doesn’t feel superior to the other. In a society where feminism is taking a stand and men and women are both putting in work (however the wage gap does need to be sorted out), it’s important to find someone that doesn’t make you feel less and with whom you can be completely comfortable.

You will find happiness in a relationship when you’re not looking for it. Remember, though, you have to be happy being independent first.

Photo credit: Savannah Montano Instagram

One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

  1. This was interesting to read! I’m 22 and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 6 years. We were kind of distant friends at school for 5 years and when we left for college we decided to start dating. We haven’t looked back since and have grown as individuals while still maintaining our relationship. Sometimes you can only find yourself with the help of another and a lot of people grow out of a relationship but also a lot stay and continue to love being with one another. I think the most important thing is to as you say be happy being independent first and find happiness when you’re not looking for it! And I’d adopt that approach to all relationships in life. You always have to enjoy your own company and skin before you can truly be in a happy equal relationship. X

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