19 Date Nights in NYC

New York is probably one of the best cities to date. There are plenty of prospects, many different ethnicities, and so much to do. From a simple coffee date to a Broadway play, you are guaranteed to have some great date nights in NYC.

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Winter is arguably the best time for you and your date to enjoy NYC. There’s nothing like Christmas in New York. From seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center to strolling through Bryant and Central Park when it’s snowing, the views are breathtaking. Ice-skating is both fun and romantic. You and your date can bond and it takes trust to ice skate with one another, especially if you fear you might fall flat on your face. Bryant Park, Central Park, and Rockefeller are all beautiful places to take your date to skate.

2. Broadway Play

Broadway Play

You’re probably going to need to shell out some money for this one. Fortunately, depending on the play, prices for Broadway tickets vary. Seeing a Broadway play is one of those things people want to cross off their bucket list. It’s a step up from seeing a regular movie. It can be enticing, riveting, and unforgettable. In the TKTS tickets booth, which is right the middle of Times Square (it’s those red steps that are really hard to miss), you can buy discounted tickets for almost 20%-50% off.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art or MoMa

Metropolitan Museum of Art or MoMa

New York has a great art scene. There are museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art where you can feast your eyes on the canvas of world famous artists. Show your date you have substance when setting up a day here and impress them with your art knowledge. You can also take them to some awesome galleries in Brooklyn and other boroughs. Depending on your date’s favorites artists, do a little research on what he/she might enjoy.

4. Comedy Show

Comedy Show

If you’re ever in Times Square there’s a huge chance you’ll run into a guy or girl vendor selling comedy show tickets. See if your date has a good sense of humor by taking them to a comedy show. See some of America’s best comedians that are most likely being filmed for TV or Comedy Central!

5. Late Night or Daytime Talk Show

Late Night or Daytime Talk Show

Disney-ABC Jim Wright

New York is media central. Almost all of the late night TV shows are filmed in the city. Daytime TV shows, too, but mostly in the morning, if you and your date want to get a nice dose of laughter before going to work. Grabbing tickets online or through individual outlets is affordable and easy. Most of them are free, too, from the Daily Show or Kelly and Michael to Saturday Night Live.

6. Live in Theater

Live in Theater

Located on East Broadway, here you’ll take your date to solve a murder mystery. Most of the plays are audience interactive and they’ll put you in groups. It’s really fun and you can make friends easily with other people too.

7. Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films

Darial R. Sneed / Via http://Rooftopfilms.com

Mostly in Brooklyn, the venues are subject to change here but rooftop Films sets up a really cool outdoor movie with a view. They play everything from classics to foreign movies. It’s the feel that’ll give you the 80’s drive-in movie feel with an upgrade.

8. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Okay, a lot of you might say this is really basic for a New Yorker, but I know plenty of people who have lived here for years and still haven’t seen it. If you book a cruise to see the statue of liberty and Ellis Island, it’s a really cool experience. The boat ride is nice, gives a breathtaking view of the Highline and is an interesting learning experience. Just make sure your date is not someone who gets seasick easily.

9. South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport

In the financial district of New York, the South Street Seaport is a waterside boardwalk with tons of restaurants and shops. A lot of festivals and concerts are always held here so it’s best to check out their website to go at a time when the atmosphere is really electrifying: http://www.southstreetseaport.com.

10. Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jazz at Lincoln Center

When you books a reservation here you’ll get a classy environment, spacious setting, great food, and enjoy some really good music. http://www.jazz.org/.

11. Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

Again, you’ll have to drop money here. A lot people who go to Chelsea Piers from what I experience are the upper class and celebrities. It’s mainly a cool golf range (but you can play some other sports too ex. Bowling, Tennis…), with a highline view, located along the Hudson River Park.

12. Picnic in Central Park

Picnic in Central Park

As cliché as it sounds, I know plenty of women who have never gotten to this but have always wanted to. Best in the summer time, find a romantic spot in central park, preferably near the water or next to some outdoor entertainment, and set up a nice picnic. Whether you brought the food from a deli or made it yourself, this date is really simple and sweet. You’ll get to layout in the sun, talk a lot, develop some chemistry or see if you have any at all. If you’re willing to risk being a little cheesy, take them on a central park boat ride by yourselves to check out all the scenery central park has to offer.

13. Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park

I still haven’t been here. It’s one of those classic dates you can’t go with. You can experience the iconic Coney Island cyclone, win and play some prize carnival games, and indulge in Nathan’s hotdogs nearby.

14. Roosevelt Island Tram

Roosevelt Island Tram

If your date isn’t afraid of heights, for a very affordable price you can take them on a quick ride of the Roosevelt Island Tram. It rises almost 250-feet above the East river. Once you’ve landed grab and bring lunch to Roosevelt’s Island Lighthouse Park.

15. Midnight Run

Midnight Run

Depending on the kind of couple you are, I’ve always thought bringing your date to volunteer is really nice. You’ll get to experience another side of them, help those in need and donate your time towards a great cause. Doing a midnight run has always been a great experience. If you and your date can’t stay out all night, there are plenty of other NYC charities that could use your help here: http://www.nycservice.org/.

16. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This is a nice place to visit all year around. It’s very scenic and has some cool hidden monuments and places.

17. “Satan’s Seat” walking tour

“Satan’s Seat” walking tour

You can buy tickets for this ‘Roaring 20s’ tour at thebigonion.com. You’ll get to visit some of New York’s infamous speakeasies and learn about the city’s history.

18. Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex

This is definitely not for a first date unless you really want to risk being ‘that guy’ or girl for that matter. Once you’re getting comfortable, depending on the type of person you are, taking he/she to the Museum of Sex is awkward, funny, and a cool experience. It’ll strike up an interesting conversation, and then grab a bite to eat at their café.

19. The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building

This is one those romantic spots where every couple needs to go at least once. It has a breathtaking view of NYC. Make sure to buy your date flowers too. It’s kind of one of those things you’re supposed to do

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