Random Thoughts in Dubai

I’ve had writer’s block. Well, not so much writer’s block but I’ve just been really lazy. I’m taking this whole relaxing too seriously. My day consists of getting up around 9 a.m. to go for a swim. Then I workout for about an hour and later enjoy a delicious breakfast made by Ramani who is the household help. I then watch 2-3 episodes of a TV series. So far, I’ve finished The Mindy Project and started Baby Daddy. I didn’t realize The Mindy Project would be so addicting and good. I’ve become a new fan of Mindy Kaling and I’ve started to follow her career closely. I recently bought her book, “Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me and Other Concerns.” There’s this insane bookshop in the Dubai mall called Kinokuniya that I’ve found myself to spend hours in, reading novels and self-help books. Mindy Kaling’s book is humorous, informative, and had me laughing from the beginning to the very end. I think I find her fascinating because of the mere fact that she is an awesome Indian woman who’s gotten to be very successful in show business. She’s the only Indian woman who stars in a hit TV show, and it’s titled after her. Her book chronicles the struggles she’s gone through in her career, family, and relationships. It’s really interesting. Anyway, after watching 2-3 TV shows every day, I take a shower (obviously), and read a book for another hour or two. I’m literally lounging around and I love it. It’s a long way from working two jobs and going to school like I did last semester. I do kind of miss school though, just the social aspect. I could do without the 20-page essays and stressed schedules.

I recently met up with a friend here who’s from Kashmir. Remember Champika Sayal? She’s my neighbor in Kashmir who’s a huge golfer and head of the PGA girl’s team in India. Her daughter, Connie lives In Dubai. We went out for Sushi and got to know each other a little. She’s really cool. It’s nice that I can find people who are from Kashmir all around the world!

One thing you should bear in mind if you plan to travel to Dubai during Ramadan is that restaurants are closed during the day to respect people who are fasting. You can’t drink or eat anything in public until evening when the city is lit up and looks amazing. Also, it is extremely hot in the summer as you’re in a manmade city that’s in a desert. I almost died of dehydration just walking to the beach the other day. But that is my fault, I should have had something to drink at home before I started out.

I tend to compare Dubai to America. I guess what I’m trying to get to is—I’ve realized I should take away the good that every culture has to offer. Children here are not on any social media sites, never curse, and show immense respect for their culture and their elders. They value family time and don’t engage in prohibited behavior. I also like how they act their age. As much as I love the U.S., I cringe at how fast everyone is trying to grow up around me. For goodness sake, there are shows called “16 and pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Even at 25 I feel like people here are still innocent and vulnerable and trying to figure life out. There is no need to wear makeup and worry about your looks. When kids are exposed to such things at a young age, I feel like they become more insecure as they get older.

Another piece of good news, I got an internship in Dubai! I’ll be working in the Food and Travel section of a very popular magazine. It’ll start right after Ramadan and I’m very excited. As much as I enjoy relaxing, I enjoy doing something productive way more.

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