Meet Brownie

I got a puppy. Well, my dad made Amir bring one for me. He was actually on some sort of a rescue mission. As you might have heard, India has a huge stray dog population. There’s a Labrador outside my house, who just had two puppies. One of them unfortunately got hurt, probably at night due to reckless driving. There was nothing we could do. The other is small and I feared if we didn’t take him in another car would get him, so I’m glad we recued him. Brownie was outside for 3 days alone starving. I have no idea where his mother went. We brought him in our garden and gave him some milk, which he gulped down. Some of you might think I’m crazy to bring a stray puppy inside my house. In India it’s commonsense not to mess with the dogs because they might carry certain diseases. I know my mother, who is probably reading this right now, is going to call and yell at me any minute.

You have to understand, though, he’s barely a month old. He’s big for his age. I had Amir give him a shower so he’s as good as new. Any trace of fleas and bugs are gone. My dad has taken him to a local vet to get shots and the doctor gave us the clear. I guess you could already tell I named him Brownie.

I’ve never had a pet of my own. Most I’ve had are fish, which have gotten into unfortunate accidents and didn’t last for more than two weeks. I swear to you this puppy will last longer. If not, I give you permission to un-follow my blog. When I was five, living in Taos, New Mexico, with my mom we lived in a housing complex. Our neighbor had a brown lab. His dog always used to come over into our yard and play with me. The owners were never home. I think his owner was an on-call surgeon, so there was a good reason. However, no one should have a pet if you can’t give it the attention it needs. My dad (who would visit us) and I always used to walk him and feed him without him knowing. He’d even cry when I had to go to school. We used to call him Brownie. I feel like it’s a typical name, but it’s cute anyway. When my mom and I moved from Taos to Santa Fe to Italy and so on, every dog (even stuffed) was named Brownie. It just stuck. I think it’s our thing.

When I got Brownie II (the dog I have now) trust me, I tried telling my dad to give him another name. I tried telling him to call him Lion. I like that name but crazy enough he responds to Brownie. When he’s sleeping and you yell “Brownie” he gets up. There’s no response to “Lion,” which is okay. Brownie sleeps outside. He doesn’t like it indoors. I brought him inside once but he barely moves an inch. I had to carry him or otherwise he’d cry. I think hearing a puppy cry is almost as depressing as hearing a baby cry. I think he might be claustrophobic or something. He came inside by himself this morning only to pee on my dad’s carpet and leave. I can’t even be mad because of that innocent look on his face.

I haven’t seen Brownie’s mom anywhere. I was having second thoughts about bringing her pup inside because maybe she’s looking for him. I thought to myself, I’d rather be with my real mom if given the option to live with, like, Brad Pitt. Well, given that situation, I’m not sure. We ’ll cross that bridge when it comes. I sound like a twelve year old, but I’m in love with this puppy. I honestly don’t how I’m going to gather up the courage to get on the plane back to Dubai. If this was one of my dad’s plans to keep me in Kashmir, it’s working. I’m a little worried what Brownie’s going to do in the winter. Kashmir winters are treacherous. It is a region in the Himalayas, so you can only imagine.

Right now Brownie is sitting near my feet, feasting on some chicken legs. His hobbies include sleeping in my dad’s shoes (when he’s not chewing them), running after the birds in the garden, and peeing on tires. I’ve successfully been training him and he’s sort of getting the hang of giving a high five. I’ll give him another month until he can master the fist pump.

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